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good advice: do your best

This is just the sort of advice that I need on a Monday morning. Whenever I find myself indulging self-doubt or the feeling of not being good enough (a lot, lately), I ask myself: ‘Am I doing my best?’ Yes. I think I am.

slow days

I was feeling uneasy one night recently, so I sat down to write. I worked for two hours and wrote close to 3500 words. Then, later, I dragged them all into my laptop’s trash can. I’m not sorry that I did. But among them was a little list of paradoxes. A list of five items [...]

wise words: martin buber

The more I think about these words, the more true and profound they feel. Miscommunication and hypocrisy surely do account for much conflict in relationships, from the personal through to the political. I have never studied philosophy myself, but truth appears to be a common theme in the philosophical discussions that I’ve encountered. I am [...]

home again, home again

Jiggedy jig. So, I’m home again. I’ve been home since Thursday afternoon, and it’s been strange. When I went into hospital it was autumn; when I came out, it was suddenly winter. I’m writing this sitting in front of the fireplace, because elsewhere in the house, it’s a biting 9° Celsius. I’m wearing a flannelette [...]


I’ve had the experience, on occasion, of shopping with somebody indecisive. This happens very rarely because I rather hate shopping and I especially hate shopping with one or more people in tow. I do this thing where I walk into a store, gaze around for approximately four seconds, know that I don’t want anything whatsoever [...]

I am good enough

My doctor suggested last week that I make this my mantra. Will it make a difference to my life to believe that I am, indeed, good enough? I feel as though I’m flatlining, all the little kinks of energy that define a life worth living gradually levelling out to a painful nothingness. Is that even [...]