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top shop: huiyi tan

Can you make stuff? I often wish that I could. Maybe that’s why I like browsing Etsy so much — it fascinates me that people are capable of creating so many cool things. Personally, I haven’t tried to sew anything by hand since an ill-fated cushion cover attempt in 2002 (in which I accidentally stitched [...]

one thing wanted: the ultra-warm jacket

I need a warm jacket. My sister and I are heading to Tasmania in the middle of July (the dead of southern-hemispheric winter) and I don’t have a sufficient coat or jacket for properly cold temps. Toowoomba can get quite chilly; however, we’re generally too stupid to dress appropriately for the weather. I say that [...]

le ballet

I’m reviewing the Queensland Ballet’s production of Giselle tonight at the Empire Theatre. I can’t remember the last time I saw a ballet. And, somehow, I doubt that my stint as a mini-ballerina circa 1993 really qualifies me to appraise a production of this calibre. But I’m excited. (If a little dismayed by the weather. [...]

2x zit blitzers (ew zit)

OK, this is a yucky post. I say the words ‘zit’ and ‘pimple’, and talking about acne actually makes me feel a bit sick. Sorry if you’re the same. However, the truth is that everybody (I’m sure this statement is supported by SCIENCE) gets at least one spot or blemish in their lifetime, and sometimes [...]

one good thing: hello kitty + liberty

Liberty fabric likely seems a frou-frou choice of obsession for a Plane Jane like me, but I do rather love it. Right now, I especially love their collaboration with Hello Kitty to produce a range of Kitty-inspired fabrics, cosmetics, stationery, toiletries, tote bags, umbrellas, and more. The series includes five special prints: Karenkubo, an adaptation [...]

colour by numbers: #EE0022 [London bus]

I know, I know, I know. My last colour by numbers post was also red-themed. However, red is my favourite colour (even my three-year-old nephew has memorised this little factoid), and I’ve just painted my toenails bright red too, so it seems fitting to go red… again. Obviously, bright fire engine (or London bus!) red [...]

autumn essentials

Autumn, YOU ARE EXQUISITE! (If you’ve never seen the episode of 30 Rock called ‘Black Tie’ whence that reference comes, go watch it now. That’s an order.) I do so love autumn. I’m not sure about autumn coming halfway through summer, but I’ll take it. I’ll take it because it means that I get to [...]

colour by numbers: #C8385A [Cabernet Sauvignon]

Wearing colours isn’t really ‘a thing’ in my family. My father wears black, blue, and grey. My brother wears black, blue, and grey. My sister wears black, blue, and grey. I know. Exciting. My mother, however, is something like a rainbow lorikeet in human form. Therefore, some colour love has made its way into my [...]

one thing wanted: the pointed black flat

Things have got a bit heavy around here lately, so it’s time to talk about shoes. Friends, I’m not sure that I’ll ever buy heels again. I know that slick, sassy city ladies probably slink about all day in sky-high heels quite happily (or do they..?) but I am not one of those ladies. Years [...]

tried + tested: Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ [a guest post]

[This is a guest post from Bear in There] A couple of years ago my skin went completely haywire, so I decided that I needed to peel back on my skincare routine. My skin was reacting to my face wash by becoming dry: it felt prickly and was breaking out across the cheeks. I felt [...]