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grand design: Design*Sponge’s color of the day posters

For the month of May, Design*Sponge has been running an epic colour series. Among their colour collections and round-ups, the team has also published this impressively designed series of ‘color of the day’ posters. Each one features a different colour with a dominating graphic and a short panel of information about its history. There’s something [...]

le ballet

I’m reviewing the Queensland Ballet’s production of Giselle tonight at the Empire Theatre. I can’t remember the last time I saw a ballet. And, somehow, I doubt that my stint as a mini-ballerina circa 1993 really qualifies me to appraise a production of this calibre. But I’m excited. (If a little dismayed by the weather. [...]

one good photog: Irene Suchocki

Twitter | Facebook | Flickr Irene Suchocki is a fine art photographer with an inimitable dream-like aesthetic. She’s the top-ranking Etsy seller of photographic prints, and a worthy woman for the moniker Eye Poetry. Nom da caméra? Everywhere she goes, I want to go. Everything she sees, I want to see. Her lens makes life [...]

one good thing: hello kitty + liberty

Liberty fabric likely seems a frou-frou choice of obsession for a Plane Jane like me, but I do rather love it. Right now, I especially love their collaboration with Hello Kitty to produce a range of Kitty-inspired fabrics, cosmetics, stationery, toiletries, tote bags, umbrellas, and more. The series includes five special prints: Karenkubo, an adaptation [...]

arty party: marc chagall

Marc Chagall is famous for his violin-playing goats. Oh, but there’s so much more to love. A celebrated Jewish artist, he was a member of the avante-garde movement and is now classified broadly as an early modernist who effectively merged elements of cubism, fauvism, and symbolism. His body of work as a whole draws inspiration [...]

one thing wanted: the proper watercolour palette

So, it appears that I don’t have enough hobbies. Or I can’t do enough things? I not only want to learn to play the ukelele very soon; I want to learn to watercolour paint. Taking a watercolour class is even on my 30 before 30 list, but I’ve yet to find a class that looks [...]

nice package: The Aromatherapy Company NZ

The Aromatherapy Company NZ makes wonderful, nourishing products in their Therapy range, using pure essential oils and botanical extracts. Their candles include scents such as Rose, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang, Juniper Berry & White Thyme, and Lavender, Manuka & Wild Chamomile. The range also carries body oils, moisturising creams, body scrubs, and pulse point fragrances [...]

one good thing: kikki. K and The Happiness Project

I am so excited about this one good thing that I can hardly contain myself. Last year, I waxed rhapsodic about Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project on several occasions. If you haven’t read it but need a bit of an attitude makeover, I can’t recommend your buying a copy highly enough. Anyway, this year, [...]

grand design: James Squire

I’ve been searching high and low to try to find out who designed James Squire‘s incredible new identity. Everything from the colours and illustrative packaging to the website copy is original and immaculate. This is brand differentiation at its best. I have no idea what the beer is like, but sometimes it’s what’s on the [...]

one good photog: Jade M Sheldon

Jade M Sheldon‘s photoblog is a wonderland of rich colours, porcelain skin, and dreamy aesthetic. Do I visit Jade’s blog to live vicariously through the photographs or to oogle her picture-perfect pixie cut? A bit of both. Twitter | Etsy | Instagram