One Good Thing


Balloon polaroids by Life In Mono

Welcome to One Good Thing.

My name is Amber. I am a 29-year-old writer from Queensland, Australia.

One Good Thing is a celebration of quality over quantity and the principle of ‘less is more’. You can read my very first post here.

Writing is my breathing.

At this address, you will find daily doses of inspiration in the form of fashion, food, music, and literature… as well as the occasional personal essay and question directed to the universe.



I was born in May and prefer Autumn weather over any other season.
Tea is my favourite thing to drink.
I have four cats and two dogs. I wear a lot of black. I wear a lot of black with a thick film of animal hair on top.
I’m a magazine-a-holic and arrange them all in a bookshelf according to the colour of their spines.
I have a degree in Linguistics and a postgraduate degree in Writing, Editing, and Publishing.
I love to bake cakes.
I have auto-immune disease: arthritis and Crohn’s Disease. I get tired. A lot. But it’s mostly OK. (Read my entry about arthritis here.)
I was named after Amber St Claire from the novel Forever Amber.
I hate snakes and flying in aeroplanes. As you can imagine, Snakes on a Plane was like my worst nightmare. Except for Samuel L Jackson.
(I also hate sweating and waking up to an alarm.)
I’m a middle child.
I don’t wear perfume.
I believe in God and government but neither religion nor politics.
I’m attracted to people who smell like soap and toothpaste and who make me laugh.
I get a kick out of vacuuming.
I don’t know if I want children.
I’m a professional freelance writer, editor, and researcher.
I use the Oxford comma.