One Good Thing

30 things before 30

1. Travel to Japan, Tasmania (or BOTH) for at least two weeks in a stretch.
2. Learn to watercolour paint.
3. Re-learn how to sleep like a normal human being.
4. Take a photography class to finally understand how to make beautiful pictures.
5. Produce at least one breathtakingly good photograph.
6. Complete my non-fiction book manuscript and publishing proposal.
7. Get a tattoo.
8. Read three literary classics that I’ve not yet managed to. August 2012
9. Become competent at freestyle (stroke) for weekly swims at the pool.
10. Sew an item of clothing that I would actually wear.
11. Create a good, vibrant work environment for myself.
12. Get a fixed-gear bicycle and ride it often.
13. Have five pieces of writing published online or in print.
14. Bite the so-called bullet and have my wisdom teeth removed. January 2013
15. Grow my hair past my shoulders.
16. Go horse-riding to see if it still scares the crap out of me.
17. Go ice-skating to see if it still scares the crap out of me.
18. Bake perfect choux.
19. Bake perfect macarons.
20. Tell somebody I love them every day.
21. Write a WordPress template from scratch.
22. Take a series of dance lessons.
23. Go somewhere local (a town) that I’ve never been before. October 2012
24. Experience more live music.
25. Learn some basic French.
26. Nurture, instead of kill, ten pot plants.
27. Acquire a lamp or light fixture that’s a real talking point (Lummi Bär?)
28. Wear every single item of clothing in my closet.
29. Make my bed every day.
30. Get over my broken heart.

Inspired by Emma Dime’s 25 before 25.