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one good week: seven things


Why hello, June.

Here we are then: the first official day of winter in Australia.

I have done almost nothing all day. A bit of reading. A meandering trip to the shops in my Ugg boots. Lots of thinking while curled up on my stomach beneath the doona. I just looked up the spelling of ‘doona’ in Google. I don’t trust my brain at the moment. I keep doing things like going to the grocery store specifically for tissues and the paper and forgetting the tissues and the paper or driving to Officeworks specifically to buy toner for my printer and driving right on by because I DON’T KNOW.

I was reading back over a recent blog post last night wherein I found a misplaced possessive apostrophe — and I kind of freaked out. I know. It’s an apostrophe. But an apostrophe is all it takes to drive an editor crazy.

Poor brain.

I’ve just tried to scan a document using my iPhone for the first time and failed miserably.

How about I talk about some good things instead?

Happily, this week wasn’t as flat-out busy as last. Nor was it as cold. I have a lovely big heater in my office now and I’ve laid down a beautiful handwoven wool blanket on the tiled floor, a blanket that my parents bought in Kainantu decades ago now. I’m both warm and incredibly nostalgic. Kainantu is a little town in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. When I was a child, it was famous for its ceramics and textiles. This blanket is woven from natural cream wool striped with brown. I can still see, in my mind’s eye, a woman holding all the thick strands in her fingers and working the loom with her feet.

I feel quite bad about the fact that my two dogs are contentedly sleeping on said blanket as I write.

They are so spoilt.

And on that note, here are the seven things that thoroughly spoilt me this week.

7 Things

1. Moody grey skies filled with cumulonimbus. Some people find gloomy weather… well… gloomy. I don’t. I love it. (Unless it hails on my car.) The skies above Toowoomba have been achingly beautiful this week: a bruised grey crowding into the rooftops and sagging low behind trees and powerlines. I love how the pavements glisten at nighttime and the traffic lights bleed across water-slicked streets.

2. Gallivanting in my new Swedish Hasbeens. I don’t know what sort of idiot gets home from hospital with a several-thousand-dollar-large bill in hand and… buys seriously expensive shoes online. Actually, I do. I am that sort of idiot. But these shoes are amaaazzzing. The instructions in the box warned against getting them wet. Apparently, I am also the sort of idiot who wears them out on a rainy night and gets drenched trip-trapping around the CBD without an umbrella. Oh well.

3. Seeing Kate Miller-Heidke at the Empire Church Theatre courtesy of my birthday buddy. I have an honorary auntie with a May 5 birthday like mine, and she very kindly invited me along to see KMH with her on Thursday night as a birthday treat. Or a nice gesture for no particular reason. I’d heard from numerous friends that Kate is excellent as a live performer, but it’s difficult to describe just how captivating she was to watch. I see a lot of stuff these days as a reviewer, and I often still find myself checking my watch during good performances. I didn’t want this to end. I didn’t once yawn and check my watch, secretly wanting to go home. I would have stayed all night. The supporting act, ‘Franky Walnut’ (aka Keir Nuttal, Kate’s real-life husband and guitarist), made me laugh out loud for the first time all week with his litany of ridiculous songs.

4. Catching up on new episodes of Offspring. I hate watching actual TV on TV (‘Too much ads!’ as one of my students would say). But yesterday, when I came home from driving past Officeworks etcetera, I decided that I’d catch myself up on the two new episodes of Offspring in between forcing myself to write. As incentive. This is how you hit goals, people: personal bribery. I do so enjoy Asher Keddie’s rendition of Nina Proudman. There’s a bit of Nina in me, I suspect. (And did you see her Archibald Prize-winning portrait?)

5. Reading The Book Thief before bed each night. I’m only 100 pages into this novel, but I can say unequivocally that I love it. Markus Zusak writes with a deceptive simplicity: the prose is wonderfully literary and evocative in a completely unostentatious way. Curiously, it’s the third book I’ve read this year about Germany before/during the Second World War. I guess that some things really do come in threes.

6. Pondering THIS blog post about body image and self-worth. I was struck by the lines: ‘Does a butterfly curse its cocoon for not properly accenting its thighs? Do snails label their shells, secretly hoping they’ll grow to fill out a 32C? And do carnations shrink their bloom to appear slimmer — more desirable — than their garden counterparts?’ Think about how much more complex the human body is than a butterfly or a carnation. I spend so much time lamenting the things that are wrong with my body, inside and out, but in actual fact my body should be the single, ultimate point of reference — for me. No comparisons. No squeezing into one thing or another.

7. Listening to music properly. With bass. My good friend Life in Mono kindly helped me to procure some lovely Logitech speakers at a bargain price, and I love to just sit in here now, in the semi-darkness, listening to my favourite tunes. Things definitely sound different when they’re not drifting tinnily from a MacBook Pro. (Perhaps this explains some of my more questionable taste in music.)

I started writing this post two and a half hours ago.


I apologise profusely for my disjointedness, and hope that you have yourself a merry little rest-of-the-weekend.

A x

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  1. Kerryn says:

    I always love these posts. Also, I cannot thank iTunes enough for their prompt loading of Offspring episodes. An expat with Offspring access is a happy expat! Have a great week, Amber.

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