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best of the blogs: january 2013


I totally forgot about January.


I was all prepared to sit here and suck on a fruit ice and bang out a post about something else and then I remembered that a whole month had gone by and that today is the 1st of February already.

Well, hey, February. How did you get here so fast?

Now let me think a moment. The first month of 2013 was a blur of extreme weather and doctor’s appointments. I didn’t do very much, unless you consider reading to be particularly productive.

Maybe that’s why I found myself quite unable to sleep last night, caught in a cognitive merry-go-round of to-do list items and worry. I need new business cards. I need to change my professional site. I need to finish the draft of my academic writing guide. I should finish that short story I started. I should try to write that article I’ve been thinking about for months. I ought to pitch something somewhere. I need to go back to the pool. I need to touch up my roots. When was the last time I went to Brisbane? Where is the year going? What are you going to do with your life, Amber?

My brain is not a fun place to be. Surely switching between persons when talking to yourself is indicative of something bad. Something very bad.

One good thing is that I am writing this from my office, a space that I didn’t have until a week ago. I still haven’t finished moving everything in and making it pretty and functional, but it’s a start. I am sitting at a proper desk instead of at the kitchen table, or hunched over my laptop in bed. My reference books are in a bookcase to my right instead of downstairs in the dungeon. And I have a drawer full of stick-it notes and smencils (yes, smencils) at the ready should I need to mark a page or draw a picture that smells delicious.

So, here’s to the month that was. And here’s to the month ahead. And here’s to worrying less and doing more. It’s good to be back online!

✐ Art, design + photog etc

✚ New York City plushes from A Cup of Jo
✚ 25 free romantic fonts from A Suble Revelry
✚ Pretty desktop wallpaper for your every device from Breanna Rose
✚ The business cards of Alt Summit by Creature Comforts
✚ Mind-boggling city street quilts from Design Crush
✚ Pink and grey together is one of my favourite colour combinations, too — by Design is Mine
✚ And a beautiful, sexy photograph (also from Design is Mine)

♨ Food + drink

✚ Oooh don’t forget about ice cream made from frozen bananas (thanks, Pure Mamas)
✚ Something for the woofies from A Cozy Kitchen
✚ Perfect, better-for-you lemon and coconut bars by Green Kitchen Stories
✚ Whole-wheat peanut butter muffins with chocolate chips (of course) by How Sweet it is
✚ Salted caramel date loaf by Not without Salt
✚ Is this food or design? Both. Sweet food + fashion matches from Miss Moss
✚ Chocolate chunk ginger cookies by A Pastry Affair
✚ And you didn’t think I’d forgotten about Australia Day, did you? A milo cheesecake with chocolate crackle crust by Raspberri Cupcakes and Peach Melba Panna Cotta by Spicy Icecream

♥ Just because + makes you think

✚ What annoys you? Knowing this is important (and terrifying?!) in a relationship — from DesignLoveFest
✚ Can a glowing porthole heal the sick? from Design for Mankind
✚ Some more excellent words to live by from Hip Hip Gin Gin
✚ Apparently, Glamour knows what guys like. Hmmm… from Into the Gloss
✚ How did Nat meet The Holbs? Nat the Fat Rat tells the story in inimitable Nat style.
✚ ‘Lessons learned from my dad’ from Making Nice in the Midwest
✚ Oooh somebody else has a 30 before 30 list! I wish mine included layer cake… from Seventeenth & Irving
✚ Watching Guillaume Côté dance is mesmerising. You can see every muscle move in that man’s body. (What is he wearing…?) (from What Possessed Me)

What does the shortest month of the year hold for you?

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  1. Kerryn says:

    You have an office! Nice one, Amber.

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