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best of the blogs: December


This image is courtesy of Krisatomic and probably the best thing ever from December’s blog circuit — ‘Every December Gift Guide Ever’. Savin’ it for next year. (GIVE ME THAT CANDLE.) Lolz.

Ah, December. In future, I will call you ‘Dementor’. Thank you for stealing all of my energy and rewarding me with a great honking chin pimple for New Year.


Yeah, so, Christmas kind of ate December. But there was plenty of other stuff going on around the place. At my place, for example, my father (who was made redundant in November — boo, Campbell Newman!) started approximately 17 different DIY projects around the house. I came home one afternoon to discover that he’d torn up the carpet in my bedroom and simply thrown it out the window. Another afternoon I noticed half an outer wall of the house missing its paint. Most recently, the entire side deck disappeared and is now sliced and diced into pieces for the fireplace come winter. He does a lot of standing around ‘assessing’ the current state of ‘progress’ while my dog drops her ball down the newly dug holes and trenches.

Personally, I spent a great many hours in December either baking in the kitchen or bundled up with a red biro and a manuscript for a client. I posted it off on Christmas Eve. Now I need something new — preferably very different — to work on. Variety is the spice of life.

And here’s a variety of good stuff from around the web last month:


✚ How Sweet it is cites her recipe disasters from 2012. Happens to us all.
✚ Got granola? Now you do.
✚ How to eat meat mindfully.
✚ I should have made these Mexican chocolate earthquake cookies for our NYE Mexican dinner.
✚ And these bear claws look decidedly delicious.


✚ Bre’s favourite fonts for the web.
✚ 15 minutes to a better blog: fonts fonts fonts.
✚ An illustrative reminder to be kind.


✚ 10 images of cheer. Be happy, yo!
✚ Somebody sick? Make them this sweet get well kit.
✚ Affirmations that don’t make you want to puke.
✚ Make a pretty confetti garland.
✚ Or make a batch of this vanilla chai body scrub (not for eats).
✚ Let’s all join an honesty club.


✚ This made me laugh out loud. A best worst hair competition. If I had photographic evidence of my own ‘do circa 1998, I’d surely win. (This is not an invitation to friends and family who do have photographic evidence to produce that photographic evidence, by the way.)
✚ Ummmm why don’t my cats sit still for long enough for me to do this? Cutest Christmas cats ever.
✚ Nat the Fat Rat has documented the best (so far) of her baby boy, Henry Holbrook. Nat’s right: Huck’s eating is pretty mesmerising.
✚ Via Love*so*Lovely: the hundred greatest lists of all time. Yessss!
✚ And this just warms the cockles. Ridiculously good-looking mixed families. I am totally marrying a non-Anglo.

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