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best of the blogs: may 2012


▸ This German brand, löffle mich (spoon me/eat me with a spoon), uses a fabulous suite of designed packaging.
▸ I love the colours in these paintings by Jennifer Sanchez that Breanna Rose posted about.
▸ What are your favourite fonts? These are five of Amanda Genther’s. I like the first one — Frontage Bold.
▸ This is how Ez designs a party invitation.
▸ London through the lenses of eye poetry — oh my! I’ve never wanted to travel to London more than now.
▸ Soap that says you smell: what a great gift for a guy! Or a sibling!


▸ This chic strawberry tart makes me wish that strawberries didn’t cost an arm and a leg here right now.
▸ Just in time for winter in the southern hemisphere, Design Crush has put together this enviable round-up of ice-creams, gelati, and sorbets. Sad face.
▸ I’ve got my eye on this simple pasta with fresh herbs now that our potted herb garden is taking off.


▸ For her last installment of Besos’ style month, Bri shared a dark and haunting behind-the-scenes vid put together with the help of her partner (read through to the bottom of the post).
▸ Most perfumes make me feel unwell, so I’m intrigued by this post about making your own scents.
▸ An insider’s view of the Met Gala by Jamie Beck.
▸ I sent this recipe for DIY rose and coconut sugar scrub to my sister but I don’t think that she got the hint.


▸ What Joy the Baker has learnt in 30 years. Make sure you read this.
▸ Don’t we all need to learn a little lesson in focus? Taking one thing at a time — and slowly – is my current challenge.
▸ The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows hits some high notes again. I can’t express how much I love that tumblr.

This final link defies categorisation. Zoe Foster instructs her own kitty, Meowbert, to lift his game. Indeed! How can I teach at least one of my four cats to hug me?

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