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best of the blogs: october 2012

November, November.

In Queensland, Australia, this means summer. Sweat. Sunscreen. The lingering scent of chlorine on newly washed skin. Rumbling airconditioners blasting icy draughts through bedrooms. Dripping popsicles. Cats and dogs flopping to the ground.

It’s always at this time of the year that Northern Hemisphere Envy truly sets in: while we slowly melt into our couches in the south, the radiowaves fill with unlikely jingles about fireplaces, reindeer, and fallen snowflakes. The Internet is awash with pumpkins, boots, and scarves. And my thoughts turn to baking and snuggling and nesting.

Then I remember that it’s too hot to wear pyjamas and that turning on the stove in the middle of the day just isn’t practical.


So, It’s the first day of the month and I have just been for a swim by myself. I’m now sitting at a little square table in a crowded but cool food court trying to ignore the conversation of my neighbouring lunchers (an argument about vodka brands).

November here clearly means family members bickering publicly about whether Smirnoff comes from Sweden or Poland.

(It’s actually Britain.)

I do not love this city.

But I love the world wide web. Why else would I have just bought that ball of pure white wool to crochet snowflake decorations for my non-existent Christmas tree? Why else would I be obsessed with s’mores when we can’t even buy graham crackers in this country? How else would I escape Thursday noon in the middle of Toowoomba without wifi and a reader?

Here are my picks from the blogs for October. What’s your favourite thing about this time of year?

Food + Drink

✚ Perfect, flaky buttermilk biscuits (scones) via A Cozy Kitchen.
✚ Pretty, swirly lemon sandwich cookies via Bakers Royale.
✚ A gorgeous, glossy chocolate bundt cake with ganache glaze via Call Me Cupcake.
✚ Healthy coconut cayenne cacao balls via Design Crush — I made some this week (minus the cayenne) and they were wonderful.
✚ Next on my list: No-bake brown butter quinoa bars via How Sweet it is.
✚ Y’all know that I love Earl grey tea, ja? Well. I got lucky: 11 earl-grey-flavoured recipes via JustB.
✚ Annnnd a wholegrain wild mushroom galette with blue cheese via Thyme.

Sub-category: pumpkin!

✚ The best pumpkin creme brûlée you’ll ever have via A Cup of Jo.
✚ Scrumptious pumpkin Pinterest picks via Creature Comforts.

Makes you think

✚ What Anna Spargo-Ryan knows about writing — beautiful.
10 Great Documentaries via A Cup of Jo.
✚ Biz Ladies: How to evaluate Google and Adwords via Design*Sponge.
✚ Iris Apfel talks ageing gracefully via Into the Gloss.

Art, Design + Foto etc.

✚ Chic new WordPress templates by BlogMilk.
✚ Free desktop wallpaper: ‘Finish what you start’. This is what’s currently on my MacBook.
✚ Objects arranged by colour via Design for mankind. I want to organise my whole life this way, too.
✚ Photos of Paris in the fall via From Me to You.
✚ Look who came for tea: Tea-rex via Hallo Heute.
✚ I’m tempted to order some of these pretty new Christmas cards by Wit & Whistle.

Just for fun

✚ How to braid short hair via The Beauty Department. (I wish that I could see the back of my head. Or maybe I don’t.)

Here’s to November!

Bring it.

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  1. Kerryn says:

    One of my favourite posts of the month; thanks, Amber. (I am writing this reply while the snow falls in Northern Alberta. The day began with freezing ran and has snowed consistently since. I’d like to regale you with romantic, snuggly stories, but I spent the morning getting kids to school, visiting two different banks, and running two more errands, scraping ice from the windscreen after each stop. I am grateful for a well-heated house to defrost in. #imissqueensland)

    • Amber says:

      In that case, I will revel in another hot, dry, crackly day and try not to curse when I pull another tick off my dogs! Let’s go live somewhere non-extreme next time. :)

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