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best of the blogs: august 2012

This happens to me every time. I spend the first half of the year trying to get the date right and then — WHAM! BAM! — it suddenly occurs to me that August has just passed, and that we’re on the downhill slope towards New Year’s Day again.

2012, where did you go?

You know what the end of August means?

It’s spring tomorrow! In Australia, the 1st of September heralds the new season. And, in Toowoomba, spring is beautiful. We have the Carnival of Flowers, intoxicatingly bright, sunny days, and mild, sweet-smelling nights. The wattle and peach blossoms are out; sweet pea flowers are unfurling on the vine, full of scent. It rained last night, and the world smelt damp and spicy with wet eucalyptus when I went to check the mail this morning. I love it!

So, farewell to winter. Goodbye, August. It was a bumper month in Blog Land. Here’s what I uncovered.

Food + Drink

coconut-milk-based yoghurt from Pure Mamas.
▸ A cool roundup of icebox cakes from Design Crush.
▸ This desserts-in-jars cookbook giveaway at Gourmande in the Kitchen looks rad.
▸ Who thinks of making avocado brownies? How Sweet It Is thinks of these things.
▸ I feel like I can trust Joy the Baker about this vegan lemon pudding, even though I have tried to make a chocolate mousse with tofu before, yielding disastrous results.
▸ Ummm… Caramello Koala Macarons! Hello! Thanks, Raspberri Cupcakes.
▸ I want to make The Flour Sack’s raw chocolate peanut butter bars pretty much yesterday.

Art, Design + Photography

▸ Blog Milk unearths Parker Fitzgerald photography. I swoon.
▸ A selection of digital watercolour brushes from the one-and-only Breanna Rose.
▸ I’m digging Designlovefest’s free desktop wallpapers every few weeks. Spotty!
▸ This eating seasonally infographic that Design Crush found looks functional and pretty.
▸ Another photograph to love via Design Is Mine.
▸ These free spice jar labels from Mignon Kitchen/Elaphantine are gorgeous.
▸ I love Emma Dime’s work on Cire’s branding. Love.
▸ I also love Oana Befort’s hand-stamped business cards. A bird!
▸ Joy’s design work on this philanthropic soap line is pretty and perfect.

Fashion etc.

▸ I’d like one of these little card wallets for my own business cards. Leather + stripes = a great combination in my book. Design*Sponge always finds the coolest stuff.
▸ Ever wondered who invented all those Essie nailpolish shades? Into the Gloss interviews the founder of Essie Cosmetics, Essie Weingarten. Intrigue.

House + Home

▸ Thanks to Black Eiffel, I’m now dreaming of a cabin getaway, too.
▸ Aw, these Roald Dahl mugs via A Cup of Jo just kill me with cuteness.
▸ But, then again, these boulder mugs are all the more classy (Design*Sponge again). I love the shapes and finishes.
▸ If I ever have children and I have a boy, I’d like to put one of these Tetris bookshelves (via This Little Street) in his bedroom.


Anna Sparo-Ryan is developing a new journal, Bide, to be filled with great writing. Go ye and subscribe or submit.
▸ This awkward house-sharing moment shared by Heartbreak Pie cracked me up.
▸ Wit and Whistle shares an interesting memory tip.
▸ Zoe Foster, you are too funny.
▸ Wowsers. In Spaces Between’s inspirational new e-book has hit the stands. For free!
▸ Sarah Wilson’s post about finding your life aesthetic rings true. I’m a little bit messy, too.

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